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About Humanitarian Trust

Rapid urbanization… leads people to be individualistic… results in reducing the concept of family to a nuclear family, pushing the old and mentally retarded person out to the streets as an uncared, most neglected vulnerable people group in the city Cater to the need of aged and invalid destitute found in the streets - (the needs include physical, mental, socio-emotional and spiritual). Only a few of persons got into safe environments such as destitute homes, homes for street children or rehabilitation centers, while the others lived on streets, mostly resorting to begging.

This charitable organization serves the poor and dying destitute irrespective of caste, creed, religion and language and Restore human worth and dignity of dying and destitute. Advocate on behalf of the destitute and create a society that cares for them. Working for the holistic and sustainable development of women, children and solidly and economically weaker sections, disabled, mentally sick, orphans by providing them food, dress, residence, education, and medical facilities and also we have some self employment and training and uplift of their livelihood. When the street left mentally ill people became normal we look for their parents or relatives and hand over them by giving counseling.

During the four years that the humanitarian trust has been operating, we have perceived a great -and unmet- need in the community not only for free educational services for mentally retarded children, but also for full-time residential care facilities for special children. In response to this problem, humanitarian Trust has committed itself to raising funds in order to construct and maintain a purpose-built school for special children, plus a residential home to provide full-time care to students. Humanitarian Asylum is planning to purchase 10 acre land to build a shelter for orphan children. And shelter to build for the elders and old people separately for male and female. We wish to provide psychopacteriatic physician assistance to the affected mental disorder persons for getting relieve from their illness and become normal in condition

Current Projects

  • The humanitarian Trust founder is giving food pocket to a Psycho patient. Whenever he finds people without food feels pity on them and furnishes food and shelter

  • Our coordinator gives food to our Homage Children. We must maintain an ample supply of food, clean water, clothing, personal hygiene items, school supplies and more.

  • One other state mental disorder candidate is lying on the rear side of the Road. His body is tied-up by the iron Ring He is not able to take his food and walk freely. Our homage Founder takes care of that person and cuts off the iron ring rods from his body and safeguards his life by taking him to the Homage.